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postsexy's Journal

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What does it mean to be postsexy?

Proposition 1: The postsexy movement is a reaction against the institution of sexiness. A postsexyist would then claim that the idea that one becomes sexy by living or acting or dressing or thinking or speaking a certain way is outdated, and that postsexyists should get laid for no reason at all.

Example 1: "Uh, maybe you should get a job and take a shower and stop being a monumental cock all the time if you want to get laid. Oh, and ask a girl out, maybe."

"Haven't you heard? I'm a postsexyist. I laugh at your 20th-century conceptions, you silly sexyist."

"Yes, well, good luck with that. I'm going to go now. I have a date."

"Someday... Yes, someday they will understand, all of them. All that I can do now is wait... I'm so lonely."